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Primary Data for China's Secondary Investment and Stock Markets

Caishen.Co is your China investment partner. Our fintech platform provides the fantastic data monitoring and insights you need to understand the hundreds of publicly-listed companies on China’s stock exchanges.

We are 100% fueled by A.I.

Caishen.Co uses natural language processing for data discovery, data extraction, sentiment analysis, and entity identification. Machine language translation then transfers all our investment and market event data into human-readable bytes on our fintech platform.

Gaining insights and great monitoring of the stock markets in China is challenging for investors who don’t understand Chinese. There’s lots of data out there, and not much is provided in immediately usable formats for English-language investors. Caishen.Co does this for you. We give you the English-language data to level the investment playing field. So Caishen.Co fills that great need you require to increase the value of your investment portfolio.

Caishen.Co is a service of China Money Network, founded by journalist Nina Xiang. For 9+ years, China Money Network has been providing the best news and data on China’s primary investment markets comprised of all the venture capital and private equity deals that power China’s unicorns and economy. In 2019 we decided to take that know-how and extend it to the Chinese secondary markets, also known as the stock markets.

Our logo and name is “Caishen”, the “Money God” or “God of Wealth” of Chinese lore. Caishen.Co guides you on your China investment path!

We organize data so you can execute deals

Each market event data we deliver is categorized into multiple taxonomies so you can easily view relationships among companies, stocks, concepts, and entities.

Caishen.Co Taxonomies
Watchlist and Data Alert

You create watchlists to monitor market activity

Easily create Watchlists and Email Alerts for critical data to reach you the moment it gets posted on our platform.

Who is Finley?

You know the secret to Caishen.Co? We are powered by Finley, the A.I.-powered fintech newsbot from China Money Network. Developed in 2017 by Danny Levinson, one of our founders and board members, Finley was developed for China Money Network, and now moonlights for Caishen.Co.

Finley = Finance + 雷
Using state-of-the-art machine learning and NLP technologies, Finley scours the globe for immediately usable data about the latest stock exchange news, then translates it, enhances it with taxonomic data, and outputs it for investors. Read more about Finley here

Finley, the fintech newsbot from China Money Network

Our Team

Nina Xiang

Nina Xiang
Managing Editor

Danny Levinson

Danny Levinson
Data & Tech Chief

Maggie Wang

Maggie Wang
Customer Success

Finley (Fin + 雷)
A.I. Workhorse