“14th Five-Year Plan” 11 major transportation project packages announced

Recently, the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China issued a “Work plan for promoting the implementation of major transport projects in the 14th five-year plan”, proposed the“14th five-year plan” period to promote the 11 major transport project packages. Major engineering projects include the National Expressway Link project, Coastal Highway construction project, Highway Access Project for Xinjiang to Tibet, “Four good rural roads” project for rural revitalization, Canal Connection project, Golden Waterway capacity expansion project, coastal port upgrading project, modern comprehensive transportation“Trinity” hub project, “Beidou Navigation Project” project, new transportation infrastructure enabling project, Green and low-carbon transportation sustainable development project, etc. .

Previously, the state council issued the“14th five-year plan” modern comprehensive transportation system development plan. Ping an securities points out that transportation is a fundamental, leading and strategic industry in the national economy, an important service industry and an important component of a modern economic system, it is an important support for the new development pattern and a solid guarantee for serving the People’s better life and promoting common prosperity.The release of the 14th five-year plan has pointed out the direction for the future development of China’s transportation industry, the fields of transportation infrastructure construction, equipment manufacturing, transportation service and scientific research and development all have great development space in the future.

Zhengping stock (603843-RRB- company and its subsidiaries have the first-class qualification of general contract for construction of 4 projects including highways, municipal utilitiWateraConservancyancy, hydropower and construction projects, as well as more than 60 qualifications in the design, construction and testing of cities and towns, transportation, Water Conservancy and electric power industries, it has long been closely following the relevant policies of the state in promoting the construction of urbanization and the revitalization of villages, focusing on the construction of urban infrastructure, the improvement of ecological environment, the comprehensive development of literature and tourism, the integrated development of literature and tourism, and the development of urban and rural characteristic industries, actively participate in the construction of new urbanization, county economic development and rural revitalization.

Dagang holding company (300103) is a high-tech enterprise which independently develops, manufactures and sells intelligent and environment-friendly road construction and maintenance products in China. With the continuous expansion of business in recent years, it has been involved in highway construction and maintenance, public facilities management, environmental protection, vector control data and other fields. Each section of the company is independent of each other, with their own business model and competitive advantage in the market. At the same time, each plate is related to each other, forming a good synergy, thus effectively promoting the steady development of the main business.

Senyuan (300210) is a leading manufacturer in the field of recycling maintenance, which can provide a full range of in-place recycling technology solutions for asphalt pavement and has experience in engineering construction technology support. Products include recycling equipment, mixing equipment, preventive maintenance equipment, a number of products, was named “Asphalt pavement recycling equipment, pavement maintenance machinery, national champion of the National Manufacturing Enterprises.”.

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