Shanghai Electric: Shanghai Electric Power Semiconductor Engineering Center will invest in phases and product lines, mature one investment, and gradually form a C-IDM model integrating R&D, joint design, packaging and testing, and application. It plans to become Shanghai Electric in 8-10 years. A public platform for integrated packaging/testing of power semiconductor devices, creating an incubation platform for the R&D and industry applications of third-generation semiconductor products (SiC), and striving to cultivate power semiconductor business for Shanghai Electric.

Shanghai Electric: Shanghai Electric has undertaken the nuclear island master of the Shidaowan CAP1400 demonstration project 1# and 2# unit reactor internals, control rod drive mechanism, 2 steam generators, 1 voltage stabilizer and 4 nuclear main pumps Equipment orders and other ancillary equipment orders such as loading and unloading machines. At present, 2 steam generators, stack internals, and control rod drive mechanisms of unit 1# have been officially shipped